Privacy policy (GDPR)

The company Levitoo Czechia s.r.o. („Levitoo“) is running the delivery senging platform that connects customers with couriers. It provides this service on the territory of the Czech Republic and according to the valid regulations on personal data protection, is the administrator of processed personal data.

As the administrator of your personal data, we are responsible for ensuring that any activity with the data is in accordance with the law and legal regulations. As our customer, you are free to choose which data you want to share, of course there are informations necessary  for us to be able to connect you and couriers through our platform to ensure shipping services.


Informations registered and processed from by us:

-Phone number

-Name and  surname


-Delivery pick-up point and drop-off point

-Time data on the origin and course of the delivery

-Payment details / credit card registration

-Ranking of the service and the courier


-History of completed deliveries


The purpose of registration and data processing is mainly to ensure the execution of sending deliveries via the Levitoo platform, mainly from where to, by whom and with whom, to what address and for how long. After placing the order, system selects the most optimal courier nearby with necessary cargo space for delivery transport. This courier will receive information about the delivery and information about the pick-up and drop-off point will be displayed to him or her. After approving the delivery, the customer´s name will be displayed to the driver as the identification of the person authorized to complete the delivery.

Levitoo records and processes all data from completed routes and their GPS data for subsequent analysis to  optimize processes.


The legal basis for the registration and processing of personal data is the provision and ensuring of the service through the Levitoo platform. We collect personal data about customers during the installation and also during the use of the platform, this data may be  also used in relation with the legitimate interest of Levitoo in cases of investigation of property offenses related to the platform. The consent stated in the application is the legal basis for the processing of data related to marketing purposes.


Levitoo platform makes customers´ personal data available to couriers only for the time strictly necessary for the duration of the order. During the order, the courier sees only the basic information from where and where the delivery is going, after approval and acceptance of the delivery, the courier sees the name and surname and can call the client via the platform without seeing his or her phone number. At the moment of completion of the order, the delivery is stored in the history of completed orders under the order number without  name identificaiton. Each client always has the opportunity to see the driver´s phone number during the order execution and even after completion, the client can see the list of completed orders in his or her profile, including the name of the driver who transported the delivery. We use several forms of transport for delivery, namely drivers of vehicles, motorcycles, scooters, but also cyclists and pedestrians. It can be our employees, external workers or even third parties, who ensure the delivery of the shipments on the basis of a contract on the processing of personal data.


Data processing, as already mentioned, is subject to law and legal regulations, even for partners who process payment methods that you choose when ordering a delivery. Therefore, if you decide to make a payment with a payment card, we never process the data linked to this payment and everything always takes place only with the given payment gateway operator.

Contact the data protection officer at the company´s address

All personal data is recorded and stored in the AWS data center in Frankfurt am Main and are backed-up regularly. Only authorized employees of Levitoo, or authorized employees of contractual partners ensuring the run of the application, or the customer center for the Levitoo platform have access to this personal data. GPS data is registered anonymously, only in the case of dispute resolution can it be linked with the execution of a specific order.


Each client can edit all personal data in their profile in the Levitoo application. The client is authorized to request information regarding his or her personal data that we record, in such case we provide information on what and for how long we record the data. In case of complaints to the supervisory authority we will provide the data to this authority. In any case, you have the right to restrict the processing of your personal data according to the article 18 of the GDPR.


During the active use of the Levitoo application, your personal data will be stored at the Levitoo Czechia s.r.o. registered office, in case you cancel your account, your personal data will be deleted, unless it is necessary to keep it for tax purposes, criminal purposes or other  reasons. The length of the registration is always according to the legal terms for the given type of registration. Inactive use of the application means a time, when no activity on the part of the client takes place for a period of 2 years. You will be notified of this in the application before this time period. Please note that deleting the application will not delete all of your personal data.

In the case of a complete deletion, this can only be done in case that your account is deleted and you will no longer be able to use Levitoo application with the deleted account. A request for the deletion of personal data can also be sent by e-mail, the execution should be done within 30 days, unless prevented by other reasons that would extend this period.

Some specific personal data may be kept for legal reasons.


For marketing purposes, in case of your consent on our web or in the Levitoo application, we will use your e-mail or phone number for direct marketing messages. We can even directly personalize the direct marketing messages, based on the use of our application, in the form of e-mail, sms or notification directly in the Levitoo application. If you do not wish to receive marketing messages, click on the „unsubscribe“ link in the e-mail.


In the case of any disputes concerning the processing of personal data, these are resolved through customer support or by contacting the data protection officer of Levitoo Czechia s.r.o. at If you believe that the processing of data is illegal, you can turn to the Office for personal data protection, Pplk.Sochora 27, 170 00 Praha 7.